To: Friends of
Instruments of Change®
From: Mike Steinel and Beverly Hoch
Re: Dylanfest, Israel, Haiti, Alabama, Missouri, and South Africa

Thanks so much to all of you for your support in the past. We wanted to take a moment to fill you in on what’s happening right now with IOC in Texas.

Rhythm Instruments for Denton Christian Pre-School

IOC plans to use funds from Dylanfest 2017 to upgrade the rhythm instruments of the Denton Christian Pre-School.

South Africa 2017

We will be sending support and musical instruments once again to Drums South Africa.

Israel 2014

Because of the Israel-Gaza conflict during the Summer of 2014 the planned music camps in Israel were abbreviated. Beverly Hoch and four others did travel to
Moshav Yitav (August 9-14 in Israel) to deliver instruments and aid local musical leaders in the music instruction. The Yitay is populated by Ukrainian and Russian Jews who have emigrated to Israel for greater religious freedom. IOC will be working with children and adults at this Camp.


As you may know in July of 2011 an IOC® team traveled to Delmas, Port-au-Prince Haiti to present a week long workshop for children and young adults. This workshop, hosted by Quisqueya Chapel, taught students basic note reading, recorders, wind instruments, guitar, keyboard and voice. Local student mentors acted as interpreters for our staff and will provide local music leadership going forward. With IOC's continued financial support another week-long workshop was held using local musicians under the direction of Ronald Pierre who serves as music director of the Chapel. IOC continues its support of the program at the Chapel an hopes to bring Ronald Pierre to Denton in the next year for training.

IOC® Individual Assistance Program

In July of 2013 Mike Steinel traveled to Joplin Missouri and delivered instruments to one of the schools devastated in the tornados of 2011. Although it was a small group of instruments they were very much appreciated by the educators in the middle school and high school.

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